• 18.1.06
    New and top of its class:
    British Steel LTD. overdrive
    We specially developed a new, distinctive J.Fet design to achieve the optimum of sound quality. For every single British Steel box the parts are individually selected. This series is limited to 100 pieces, each of which is numbered by hand.

  • PDF download: Here you'll find instructions on how to build in our active EQ's.

  • 26.10.05
    Custom Models
    We don't only offer you a whole range of serial models but also numerous custom effect boxes. We'll introduce one of them to you each month.
    Further services include the custom modification of amps, tube amps, effects and also the developement of bass and studio speakers, where we use a high class audio analyser. This already proved useful while creating our Triebwerk monitor and cabinet.
  • Space Phase
    The Space Phase pedal is a stereo phaser, the speed can be affected by using the pedal. It offers two controls, "Deep" and "Phase Shift", and has a high class output transmition.
    Hope you enjoy listening -
    Yours, H.K.
  • 14.10.00silver machine
    This year's highlights include the Custom Piezo Pre-Amp, designed for a twelve-string guitar played by Ritchie Blackmore and the latest test report on our Earth Quake model, which has just been judged the victor in a comparison of 7 wah-wah pedals.
    The test in the November 2000 issue of the magazine Solo rates our pedal top on quality and price/performance ratio and, on total rating, it achieves the staggering score of 49 out of 50. We will shortly be reproducing a summary of the report as a PDF file. The current Silver Machine model can currently be heard on the theme tune to the German version of "Big Brother", played by Robby Mildenburger of The Farmer Boys. It also features on the band's latest LP.

  • New features for the Silver Machine and Earth Quake?
    The mechanics of the foot pedal itself have been totally redesigned.
    The pedal is now even more precise and easier to use.
    The Wah Sound feature is a new user-definable filter that can be be included as a special option.

    service-öffnungThere is now a service opening in the rear of he pedal to allow the thread to be cleaned.
    Thus it is no longer necessary to dismantle the housing when carrying out this maintenance.
    The device now includes four additional brackets that allow it to be screwed or bolted to an effects board.

    buchseAn additional output socket on the left-hand side allows the unit to be chained with other effects and tuning devices, thus rounding out an integrated concept.

  • New !
    Merlin 500 Watt Bass Amp!
    merlinA mysterious presence astonished all and sundry at the Frankfurt music fair this year, before vanishing into thin air as wizards are wont to do. Now the Merlin bass amp is back to demonstrate its sorcery to the world. In a few weeks the first examples of this sortilegious equipment will be delivered.
    You can find out all you need to know about the magical Merlin under the heading PRODUCTS.

  • Space Bass dual-channel true tube bass pre-amp.
    Available from the start of 2001

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