• 27.3.2016 Sebastian Mller and his Jazzmaster visited our Company. In addition to our custom reverb Preamp he liked also to our Silver Machine MKII found.


    Custom Reverb 2 Channel Tube Preamp

  • 5.12.2014

    SilverMachine is FunKMachine!

  • 26.11.2014
    Merlin Amplification.
    Next year will ending the service for the Merlin 600 Head. This time we have full stock for all original replacement parts.

  • 26.11.2014

    Silverstone Classic Overdrive
    This time we have produced a little Vid about our Silverstone,Classic Overdrive for E Bass Guitar.
    Sound direct recorded in to a Motu UltraLite mK3.

  • 4.1.2014
    Happy New Year!
    We looking for a Distribution or Dealer in USA!
    Now we have for international busininess ,a pay pal account,
    so is it mutch easier to order replacement parts or place a order outside the EU.
    New Serviice Instruction for the Silvermachine on You Tube. The Musicians want read anything, than watch a vid!!

    Silvermachine service instruction

    If you looking for Merlin Service, we have all original replacement parts in stocking

    Hardy Kurandt

  • 24.4.2013
    Out Now!!
    Silvermachine Mod.2013
    New Design!!
    New Top Plate,in Super Sonic Satin.

  • 26.8.2012
    Guitar player Guthrie Govan plays Silvermachine MKII.
    Guthrie Govan

  • 8.11.10

    New Endorser are.
    Marillon Guitar player Steven Rothery use Silvermachine Wah at the Europe Tour with Deep Purple.
    Powderburn Bass Player Greg Enkler use now the Quakemachine Bass Wah.

  • 8.8.10

    Domo is back from tour and had made a sound file.

    Domo.. "I used the Paranoid fuzz for all the guitars.
    I called it 'Cream de la Creme' because when I plugged it in I was immediately reminded of those old Cream records that I love so much and was inspired to write something a little bit similar sounding.
    You can great a great Hendrix fuzz from it too, like the Monterey concert or at L.A. forum. It's the most versatile and well built fuzz I've ever used.
    I used a Les Paul and a Marshall JCM2000 TSL on the clean channel and of course the Paranoid Fuzz. That's it, simple as that!"
    Marshall is © Marshall Amplification and Les Paul is © Gibson USA.

    Domo PDI.. Cream de la Creme mp3.

  • 10.7.10

    New Endorser for our products is Domo Lead Guitarist from Gamma Bomb.

    The pedals were amazing! So far I've been setting the 'earth' switch on the wah pedal to 3 in the classic mode, I really like that sound, it's makes me sound like Jimi Hendrix!
    It's such a good pedal, it's my favourite. I don't think there's a better wah.
    The fuzz is great, I can get a lot of classic sounds, it's very versatile. The sustain I can get from it is incredible! I can get great solo sounds from it.
    Domo 5.7.2010
    Gamma Bomb

    Our Silvermachine has get a new feature, inside you can adjust the effect level! Learn more read the manual.

  • 7.3.10
    Borislav Mitic in past he had played the mp3 files for the Silvermachine Wah.
    Now he has played 13 new files for the Paranoid
    ... Products/ Effects/ Paranoid.

  • 20.11.09
    Borislav Mitic the player of our fantastic Silvermachine sound files has produce a new album.
    It realeased at 4.December.2009. Borislav Mitic
    We wish borislav all the best.

  • 11.6.09
    We are proud we have a new distribution in Russia.
    Welcome Russia !
    pedalgeek russia

  • 5.4.09
    New Player in Silvermachine family.
    During the Germany Tour bought Zach Shipps guitarist from Electric Six a Silvermachine Wah.
    Hammer Sound.Cool Video!
    You can watch Electric Six /

  • 14.6.08 This time we have no US distributor. Until this time, shops and customers can place a direct order.

  • 14.1.08
    This year you can test our products at the Namm Show, booth #1334 in Hall E, Godlyke distribution.

  • 15.12.07
    We wish you merry Christmas..and present two new Flash Video Files of our NEW Modell
    Union Jack!

  • 21.7.07
    Now you can watch our new promotion Video of our new overdrive Bonnie Blue. Bonnie Blue
    Or dowload the file direct size 6,8 MB Bonnie Blue.wmv

  • 21.7.07
    Our Distortion pedal Silverstone is rated among the best 5 products.
    A Video of our Silvermachine pedal can be watched at the guitarPlayer TV under New Gear.

  • 21.7.07
    New!.Two state of the art classic effects.
    BONNIE BLUE specialized for Southern Style Sound and the UNION JACK for Classic British Sound.
    Both units has a discret Class A Design for best sound and dynamics. Availible at October 2007.

  • 17.3.07
    Now you can download the new Silvermachine Manual.
  • Silvermachine Manual 2006 pdf.
    This year you can find us at the music fair in Frankfurt at Hall.4.0 J.77

  • 18.1.06
    New and top of its class:
    British Steel LTD. overdrive
    We specially developed a new, distinctive J.Fet design to achieve the optimum of sound quality. For every single British Steel box the parts are individually selected. This series is limited to 100 pieces, each of which is numbered by hand.

  • 26.10.05
    Custom Models
    We don't only offer you a whole range of serial models but also numerous custom effect boxes. We'll introduce one of them to you each month.
    Further services include the custom modification of amps, tube amps, effects and also the developement of bass and studio speakers, where we use a high class audio analyser. This already proved useful while creating our Triebwerk monitor and cabinet.

  • Space Phase
    The Space Phase pedal is a stereo phaser, the speed can be affected by using the pedal. It offers two controls, "Deep" and "Phase Shift", and has a high class output transmition.
    Hope you enjoy listening -
    Yours, H.K.

  • Space Phase slow.
    Space Phase Lesslie.

  • 2.4.2005
    New catalog MSD effects 2005
  • MSD effects 2005.

  • 1.10.2005 The two new models, Automagic Silvermachine and Earth Quake Revolution, will be on view at the NAMM Show- Annaheim this year, presented by our US-ditributor Godlyke. The new patented "Revolution"-foot switch is probably the fastest one ever seen. Also available: our Classic Overdrive "Silverstone". We are looking forward to seeing you.

  • Silvermachine Manual 2005 pdf.

  • 6.3.2004
    Hallo and welcome to the world of Musician Sound Design. Much has been happening since our last web update. Some new products have been added and others have been withdrawn from the range. It looks as though, we shall need to redesign our website completely to accommodate it all. Until then, you will find all the key information in this section.
    Our Merlin Bass Amplification line has been discontinued as of the end of last year by mutual consent with our distributor SKC Gmbh. The successful Triebwerk Bass Cabinets will in future be available under our own name. We are also planning a new bass to be introduced towards the end of summer 2004.
    Finally we emphahsise that all our products are hand-made, high quality musical equipment and each device is personally tested for functionality after its manufacture is completed.
    We hope you enjoy reading our latest news.
    Hardy Kurandt.

  • Neuer Silvermachine Paranoid Distortion
    My latest fave effect is the Paranoid distortion box, which was successfully introduced by our American distributor at 2004 Namm Show. The first 100 were sold out in less than a month. If you are interested in the U.S. reviews of the Paranoid, you may find a selection at

  • Automagic Wah
    Neuer Silvermachine Our Silver Machine und EarthQuake models have received glowing test reports in the magazines Guitar Player, Guitar World und Bass Player and are now racking up sales all over the world, from Korea, Japan or the USA as well as in Europe. As a result of this international success, the pedals are now be produced exclusively in their export versions. These have the following features:
    Selection of Modern/classic mode is achieved by mini switch instead of a foot pedal and the mode LED is omitted.
    The foot switch now incorporates not only the Automagic Sensor but also an on/off switch for the wah effect. This means that the wah effect can now be configured to a permanent sound and used as a filter.
    The status LED has been changed from red to the more modern looking blue.
    Silver Machine - Technical data.

  • The Jack The Jack
    The 3-band parametric guitar electrnics for the Jazz bass. Guaranteed fun, super sound, can be fitted in no time.
    Test Bassprofessor: 1/2004 page36
    The Jack - Technical data (German).

  • Triebwerk Studio Monitor
    Triebwerk Studio MonitorThe focus of our work in recent months has been the development of the Triebwerk Studio Monitor. This was achieved with the help of the Daas 32 audio analyzer with calibrated MB test microphine that we obtained especially for this purpose. Many excellent sound engineers were involved in the year-long project including the team from the Interface WDR production studio. All the work has paid off with an extremely high fidelity 2-channel monitor, characterised by its excellent pulse and phase response.
    Test Bassprofessor: 1/2004 S.41

  • Triebwerk 3 Triebwerk Bass Cabinet
    Our Triebwerk 2 , ( 2 x 10" +HT) cabinet has had its its power rating raised from 400 to 600 W rms at 4 ohm impedance. The Triebwerk3 , ( 4 x 10" + HT ) now handles 1200 W rms at 8 ohms and for this reason it has now been equipped with a more powerful tweeter. The prices remain the same. Despite the improvements, you won't have to pay any more. Details will follow in the near future accompanying our web redesign.

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